Sunday, September 20, 2009

Prayer - Pray as you can - NOT as you can't

I have noticed much of my prayers
are around changing me
so that I am better around others/situations
less judgemental

I have noticed that many Christians
Practiced and new
pray for others

I beat myself up because
I became aware of how selfish
my prayers are even though ultimately
I pray to be changed for the Greater Good

I discussed this with my Sponsor
she suggested I begin the next few days
in praying for people
start simple and specifically
at least I have become aware
Accept the things I cannot change
I cant change whats happened
change the things I can
start now
Wisdom to know the difference
let go now and start praying
as I can not as I cant!
I wont be an expert overnight :)

So this week I have begun praying for
a work colleague to he healed after her operation
for a boy in the newspaper with E-coli to be healed
and for the boys family to be looked after
I prayed for our pastor to be strengthened
I prayed for our church to grow

this feels lovely
its egoless because they dont know
at the same time it hard because there is no reward
no pat on the back
Its an essential discipline I am told

Day at a time
Pray as you can, not as you can't
change the things you can :)