Sunday, October 28, 2012

Social Occasions

So we're getting round to that time of year again.
Hidden booze in food particularly puddings.
Picture this... some long time sober folk & others
who have no idea we are.
Rely on one alky who said this pud is fine.
It comes and after two two tastes sense says its
laced with something.
One gets up confirms its boozy and
changed it for icecream,
two carry on eating it knowing its laced
with bacardi & rum.
One says i cant taste it,
just tastes like fruity,
other says i have this everytime i come here.

As time goes on...
Some people can do this with impunity,
some will mess with their heads.

Its your recovery,
its your life.
Alcoholism is cunning baffling powerful.

Be careful.

For some to eat it is the beginning
of the road back to the bottle.

for some to drink is to die.