Monday, December 26, 2011

Dont snooze and lose

Well known stats
show that many people
drink after Christmas
after new year

There is no need to drink
Go to meetings
help others
stay honest

dont drink
go to meetings

pick up the phone
before you pick up a drink

Pray for a sober day
thank HP for a sober day

write a gratitude list

read the big book

pick something from the
Just for today card
and do it
each day

start your day again

go to a meeting

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Honesty - to thine own self be true

Christmas day
Confuses me
I am confused
Christmas day

Doing service
With family
With AA's
In meetings
Home alone
Without faith
With faith
feeling the christmas meaning
Not feeling the Christmas meaning
I have been celebrating
And understanding
The light of the world
Coming through advent
And feeling it
Yet today
I feel like the party is over
Anti climax

Christmas day
Is about service
It has been for a
Number of years now
Yet over the years
That picture of
Christmas day service
Has changed considerably
This year i feel a chapter
Closing and the next one
Is not yet in sight

It has always been
A feeling of
A waste of a day
For as long back as
I remember
in sobriety
a need to
Find something to do
Attitude of service
Today has confirmed it
Organised service
Something i can
Plug into

Self seeking ?
Yes i need to do service
Otherwise i
Reminisce about
A happy christmas
I dont remember
Cant quite see the
Truth from the fiction
On that one
And dream of creating
A christmas for others
Which i could plug into
And actually help
Create the fellowship
I crave