Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Step 11 - Be quick to see where religious people are right. Make use of what they offer. p87

I "was too judgemental
scared and self willed
to really be open minded"

since going through the steps
I have come to believe in a Loving God
who wants the best for me
which really turned things around

however living as a human
living in the world
not in a bubble/meetings/convent/own head
long term
I need more than a Spirit

I need a role model
which is where I let go of old ideas
let go of judgment
let go of self will
became openminded
and no longer afraid
of turning my life over
and my will
becoming part of
showing all of me
standing up

I have a role model
and I am building a relationship
with Him
apparantly it can last forever
and I will never be let down

so I am giving Him ago
testing Him

Reading praying and in fellowship
having fun, playing guitar
beach antics
BBQs and bacon butties!
at the same time

its new
yet I need something
thats everlasting
and proven to help many
and there is no reason
why He shouldnt work for me aswell
as I am working for Him

where i found Him
on the edge of the world
in an on the edge church
worldwide known for social action
welcomes alkys and addicts

my kind a Home
my kind of family
my kind of imperfect
loving friends
with a Loving God
as we understand him

Keep coming back
til it stops working :)

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Syd said...

Wonderful Johno. I plan to keep coming back for a long time. I doubt if it will stop working if I am sincere, honest, and willing.