Thursday, August 20, 2009

6 years today

so grateful
keep coming back

grateful to enjoy
the joys and challenges
life brings

suns hot again already and its only 9am
2 days left of holiday
in this credit crunch time
I am glad I live by the sea :)

I am for the first time
in 42 years
losing some weight
I have never had to do this
just toning before
somehow its crept on
BMI says "prone to health issues"
which would be about right...
body parts have started playing up
and there is no apparant reason...

now I know
I have to do something...

the spiritual path gets narrower
when you know better
you then have a responsibility
to do better (or at least try)

If I don't
then I suffer the consequences
towing the line
fitting myself in (or wedging myself in)
surrender to win
Let Go and Let God
Into Action
are the keys

Grateful to AA
given me a life I never had .. only dreamed


Lydia said...

A very blessed and happy sixth anniversary to you. I've missed your posts and am glad to know that you are not only fine, but continuing to grow. :)

An Irish Friend of Bill said...

6 years!!!!
OMG where did the time go??? scary!

cool. i started chilling out a bit after about 5 years sober. was much more ? relaxing after the first 5. started learning how to enjoy ? 'regular' life without alcohol. in london you can be out every night doing something if you have the time and energy.

oh yeah. yr 7 can be uncomfortable if you dont have much 'god' or step 11 going on. so you shld be fine!

well done. keep coming back and all that :)

johno said...

:) 6 it seems so small.. you two have about 50 years between you ..

indistinct said...

Happy Birthday! Six seems big to me.

Thank you for sharing your life with us as we journey down this road of sobriety together.

Syd said...

Johno, great going on the six years. I've heard that it isn't how many years in the fellowship but it's how spiritually and emotionally fit one is. Glad that you are living the dream life.

johno said...

it doesnt seem five minutes, when I sat on my sponsors sofa trying to eat soup. I had no appetite for and was to afraid to eat... and afraid of what was going to happen.. so much has, but not what I was predicting.. :)

An Irish Friend of Bill said...

:) 6 it seems so small.. you two have about 50 years between you ..

i think yr 6 is a very signiicant year because lots of aa's go a bit barmy at yr 7 if they dont have much 'god'.
its a very interesting time to watch all the people at yr 7 go a bit wobbly and unstuck. lots fall off, never to be seen again or see yr 10 sober.
yr 6 to 10 seperates the men from the boys so to speak. well thats what i think.
dont worry as u have plenty of step 11 and you are earnest in your efforts so you will be FINE :)

Gabriella Moonlight said...

Six years! Wow, what an amazing life indeed. I would like to add you to my blogroll as I just found your blog via another.

Thank you for sharing your journey and hopefully the next 24 hours will possess as much love and gratitude as you express here.


Kathy Lynne said...

Congratulations johno! Thank you for being here and being such a wonderful guide for me. And it is all about me isn't it??

lana g said...

i don't get round the blogs as much anymore but ran across this and wanted to say (albeit it a little late) - CONGRATS on six years. love ya