Sunday, January 21, 2007

Old Ideas - what i need or what i want

Large retail parks, warehouses, huge expanses of space
Filled with things which I think i need some of
Truth is I dont.... today
But again today I was with someone who was going
So I went along, thinking there may be something I need
Something new, from the last time i went to one
which i didnt need anything last time
No, once again I dont
The stuff i may need, i can pick up locally
when i need it
no need to get it today just incase

It has been a beautiful day
Sun shone this morning
Got a lift to another part of town
Listened to someone talk about themselves
Was of service
talked about me for abit
Someone showed me in my face alcohol & insanity
how frightening it can be to fear telling the truth
seeing what a cornered animal looks like
in the form of a human, on the jumping off point
gripped, scared, a 6foot toddler...
food and friends

still have some bug
no decorating today
further sleeping, must need it

Good night, its been satisfactory :-)
Which is what was promised

thank you

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