Saturday, January 20, 2007

Moment of clarity

Got a warm feeling of gratitude today
Grateful to have choices
for a freedom
for a moment of clarity
my thinking is not the root of the problem
my defects are
giving time time to sink in
thinking my thinking is the root...
is also acting out out on my defects
it doesnt say
...ready to have God remove our thinking
gift to be enjoying my current security
gift to enjoy making my home comfortable
decorating it myself
researching & doing
new carpets
am worth it... another gift
have friends
have job
am of use
this is a gift
having a relationship with a loving God
is taking time to get used to
but its so worth the effort
no i dont understand it
no i am not sure if i get it right
it dont seem to matter
just keeping on

Happy January

Warm Feeling... The only other warm feeling
was at the end of an evening and couldnt get to a bathroom

There but for the grace of God Go I

And I just switched to New Blogger...
...and lost all my links
... enjoying the adventure

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