Sunday, August 01, 2010

Amazed before we are half way through...

I cant believe whats going on
with and for me at the moment

Things had started a stirring in me
before I went to Greece
and I did a workshop
on singing
a cappella

and now
I cant stop singing
and am having lessons
trying out choirs
created a youtube
having fun...

And also
some very old scars
are beginning to heal
its almost like
finding my singing voice
and singing my heart out
is healing me of things
which have remained silent
and stifled for so long

I have had rather intensly honest
discussions with my sponsor
and with God
and its all healing

Step 5 is only the beginning
I even had an intensly honest
conversation with my manager
regarding a work point
which again I have been unable
to shift out of a habit
which others seem to find easy
God seems to do what I cannot do for myself

It seems he performs
spiritual surgery
exactly when he wants
and I am going through some
amazing changes
inside and outside of me

just applied for a new position at work
the only one who doesnt think I'll get it
is me? I dont know if I want it?
because I dont really know what it entails
yet everyone else seems to think I am doing most
of it allready... bizarre

see what happens

That Greek island
does amazing things to me
thats twice now

open mind
open heart
to let Gods extraordinary Power
flood in

Amazing Love
Amazing Grace


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