Sunday, August 15, 2010

Make space for Grace

I find Written Step10's 
show my willingness 
to be still and accept who is God
and spend quality time unloading 
so the sunlight can flood in

Spending time Writing 
takes effort and humility
Spot checks are essential 
and do very real good
However i can twist and
Choose to be selective

writing is what brings about real relation with HP/universe/heart/god
which in turn brings about
very real change
I find

my will in line with Gods
in Gods time
He is very patient

Step 10's
Help me see the truth
Save me my job
Give me better perspective
See my defects
Help me grow
Help me change

Help me move on
Help me let go
Help me see what i am doing
Help me see what i am not doing

Look at things from an other angle
See that i can always do better

See deeper insights
Leave space for grace

Thank God for Step 10

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