Wednesday, August 03, 2011

DIY Doctors

Had a wisdom tooth out this week
so many people telling me
all the dramatic stories
some it would be a cinch
then which pills to take
before and after
thank God I just listen and do
what the experts tell me thesedays
it works

I was in there for nearly 45 minutes
he couldnt get hold of it cos it
had rotted
and so had to dig deep and lever it
then a root broke
so had to re dig and lever it out

metal implements stretching my mouth
til I thought it was going to rip
I had visions of him having to restitch
my lip up after....

Have so much respect for those who give birth
I have no idea what its like
yet having him force this tooth out
when it really didnt want to budge

am now very chipmonk like
on oneside and cannot open mouth
to even get a spoon in
so food intake is limited

I wish I could enjoy the time off work!
Birthday tmoro....
I cant even enjoy the cakes I would buy...!

also has a smear test today!
again not sure which is worse
smear or tooth out!
tooth out I think...
yet it took a while
to work out which implement
always does
nurse sang halleluiah when she hit jackpot

3 yearly smear test
:) regardless...
comes with being responsible

yet teeth
can do better
this is the only trouble I had since a child
so im grateful
yet i act ungraciously
need to clean teeth more
no more getting away with it

So yeh wisdom tooth extraction
beyond my wildest nightmare
but glad its out
just waiting on mouth to recover

grateful to the dentist
for persevering, kindness and skill

grateful for the nurse today
for persevering, kindness, skill and humour

Think thats my bodies MOT & service
done for a while :)

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