Thursday, August 04, 2011

Open mind open heart

Spent last week living in a field
2nd year running
amazing singing/voice camp

This year beautiful Devon sun
Plungepool in the Holy brook
Compost loos
Bucket hot showers
cooking for each other
Organic food
15 beautiful racehorses regularly playing
Thundering up and down the next field
Makes yr hair stand on end
Good friends
Face painting
Harmony singing

amazing creative

So safe you have to do something
Taking a risk becomes the thing to do

all obstacles are removed
No excuses

Writing 15 songs since
Learning how to write a song
last camp
This year became more
About performing them live
Singing and playing
Live infront of the other 89
Singers, non singers,musicians,
Children, friends, teachers
Such a fab environment

Seems my path is taking 2 strands
At the moment
Faith and singing, songwriting, performing
Its also about teaching others

I need to be taught how to....

Can feel it will all come together at somepoint
But not sure how
Yet its exciting
All the preparation

Just found out there is one place left on a leaders
Singing workshop its beem suggested i go on

Creating community choir,
accessible for all
Nothing to do with church singing
Everyone can sing,
No need to read music
if you can speak you can sing :-)

If you told be 13 months ago i would be doing
All this id have said yr bonkers!

Oh well
Opem heart
Having fun :-)

Missing camp!!

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