Sunday, August 16, 2015

Bread of Life

Baking bread
has always been something
someone else did
hit and miss
a faff with ingredients
need a breadmaker
why bother
I don't eat that  much bread
The other week
I ate soda bread made with love
made with sharing in mind
it was so tasty
so easy she said
I went home
had a go
and it was strange
and I almost gave up hope
But then instead of trying
it with different flour
which she had also given me instructions for
I bought the same flour
which she had used
and a different make of buttermilk
and the result was astonishing
added raisins and sultanas
tasted yummy
and I ate it all over a period of a week
no after effects as with bought bread
no matter how 'posh'
always after effects
Something new to learn
and get excited about
I shared it this week
and they said it was tasty
I have the ingredients to give it a go again
different extras this time
Rosemary and Olives
So easy
no proving required !!
Bread of Life

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