Saturday, August 15, 2015

Disunity Kills

Today I wept for lack of unity
Today my values were overruled
Today I feel powerless
Today I feel silenced
Today my voice for the voiceless was shut down
Today my efforts to rebalance an imbalance was destroyed
Today I feel like quitting again
Today the differences are unacceptable
Today I feel the spiritual kick which others will feel later
Today I feel hurt
Today I fear the hurt others will feel
Today I feel we could have done better together
Today we could have put on a united front
Today we could have helped the cause
Today we prepare for tomorrow
Today can make a difference for tomorrow
Today I wept in disbelief at shortsightedness
Today I wept at selfishness
Today I wept at couldn't carelessness
Today I wept at perceived consequences
Today I feel physically sick
Today I feel angry
Today I feel afraid
Today I wept for others
Today I wept for myself
Today I wept for unknowns
Today I wept for bloodymindedness
Today I wept for evil streaks
Today I wept for Spiritual Warfare
Today I wept for spiritual sickness
Today I wept for the unnecessaryness of it all
Today I wept because I don't understand
Today I wept because I get no answers
Today I wept I believe through the eyes of our maker


Syd said...

Simply beautiful, Johno. Glad to see you are back.

Lydia said...

This is wonderful! And your visit to my blog was such a sweet surprise after so many years. I am truly grateful that we have reconnected. Truly grateful.