Thursday, June 26, 2008

Embracing change - And having fun - At the same time

Change is
going to happen
part of the process
happening al the time
to be embraced
to be fought
will happen regardless
run fromable
but not hide fromable
but bloody ! damn worth it!
once its done !!!

It'll getcha in the end

I'm in it
the hands of the Gods
trying to hard! as usual
creating fear
lighten up

Having fun too
saw Sex and the City last night
Ten Pin Bowling the night before
Hilarious!! Both!

Stalling on the phone call
its just coffee!


Syd said...

I don't much like change either. And it's best to face change and realize that every day, we are changing due to our cellular makeup. That put's things in perspective when change happens.

An Irish Friend of Bill said...

yep. the ground constantly shifts beneath ones feet..
you get used to it after a while!

dAAve said...

Change is inevitable.
(except from a vending machine)

Shadow said...

the only constant is change....