Sunday, June 29, 2008

When you really want something, want it with all your might and the Universe will conspire with you.... The Alchemist

I have spent the last 30 hours
in the place where my heart suggested
where I have never been before
and all I can descrive it as is

I have been on the beach
watching kite surfing
looking at houses...
I am housed out!
I have walked and walked
tested stuff out
been to another place
a little nearer
just to see whether I was sure
and I missed the place

the planets all lined up
thus weekend
and the sun shone gloriously
yeh a good weekend to go
house hunting
seen it at its best

Will let it all sink in
and have a look at rush hour
when it raining
and again for good measure
I am going to enjoy this summer
the worst that can happen
is that I dont get to sell mine this year
and I get to spend lots of weekends
by the sea!!

Went to a meeting
which I found was 10mins from
where i stayed
really friendly welcome
stayed after and they gave me
some tips! on the area
still nothing atall
has been said
or I have seen
which leads me to think
this is not Gods will for me
collected a newcomers number
why not? :)

cool cool
win win
I love it!
I want it!
It seems this is Gods will????
i'll keep on givins it anylengths
til He tells me not to

find out whats Gods will
follow it
and it all seems to work out
over and over

God wants us happy joyeus and free
I am evidence of this

be careful what you pray for
it may just come true

Its NOT about JUST stopping drinking
but its been imperative
to get to this stage
a lightness
which returns
and freedom

Dreams were created
and remained in my head for years
when I was drinking
In Alcoholics Anonymous
They are ALL coming true!
and more!

I am soooooo grateful
you'se never gave up on me
Loved me until
I could learn to love myself

ps I made the call
and we are talking
a little!
You probably noticed
I dont do fast straight away!

lovin it!


Syd said...

Days by the sea sounds like a great thing to me. Hope that you find your beach house.

Shadow said...

"I am soooooo grateful
you'se never gave up on me
Loved me until
I could learn to love myself"

that is just beautiful!

Kathy Lynne said...

I'm loving that book!