Wednesday, July 02, 2008

...if we work for it

exam results out last night
I have pased this year
with flying colours
4 modules
4 B passes
which is excellent
It seems that I am on the right track
and have to honour this
going forward
no signs to say otherwise...

VERY hard work
as you know
excruciatingly painful often
gloriously amazing at times
huge faith
never quit
and remember to breathe

But its all forgotton
this moment has passed by me now!
I have repaired
I am well and do not have the haggered look
I now have the summer off
to enjoy!!

Good luck to all the students
in the Universe
IFOBW how did you do?

Regarding the phone call
I made another one
perhaps I am not making myself
clear enough!?
its exactly how its meant to be
as always
practicing patience
and NOT sloth!

I am reading Conversations with God Book 2
3 years after reading book 1...
Book one really showed me
just how limited my thinking of
God and the universe
and life and humans
how narrow minded and thinking
I was/am/can be

Book 2 I started a while back
and stopped, so I have started again
I love the bit where God talks about
Time in Chapter 5


Syd said...

Great grades and great that you are off for the summer. Enjoy it and get some rest and relaxation.

An Irish Friend of Bill said...

Well done!! See? I TOLD you it would work! ..Oh ye of little faith..! (well we ALL have those moments!)
I got (what I consider to be) good marks. Not TOP marks, not TOP OF THE CLASS marks, but very good ones, so I am happy!
yeah its an interesting journey isnt it? very character building. Just goes to show! I had NO idea i was any good at it till i THREW myself in feet first! Very bewildering! the good news is that each year it gets easier. You accumulate skills. Cool huh! Look forward to better marks next year!

..reminds me of that george Michael flawless song
..I think you know that you are more than just. some f****d up piece of a**"