Sunday, July 20, 2008

HIV "a living death" is not just a Gay or African problem

I was watching Charlie Wilsons War tonight
which I found really
interesting, informative and entertaining
a snap shot into
world politics and stuff
red tape and well how it !? works
Here's more on it

and this UNICEF clip was at the start
it made me think...
about education
is prevention cheaper than "cure/treatment"?
taking of responsibility
take care
take responsibility
because the other person may not have
They have a new attitude,
and they have been saved from a living death.
Condoms save lives
as does self restraint

I also wonder whether we are
really meant to stop all this
is it possible?
like is touched on in the film above
on another subject
we find some problem, go in and "fix" it
but what happens next?
what happens for the next 100 years?
will we ever really know what Gods Will is?
whose to say Gods will is to prevent or to cure?
in a world of imperfect humans like me
who have good intentions
and at times fall short
the consequences can be GLOBAL
we can only try and keep our side of the street clean
and help others

Narrated by Gwyneth Paltrow, The Gift is a dramatisation of a new poem by Simon Armitage, to highlight UNICEF UK's Born Free from HIV campaign.

Almost every minute of every day, a baby is born with HIV, passed on by their mother. This is because only one in five mothers with HIV receive the right medicine and care to prevent passing on the virus to their babies.

But it doesn't have to be like this. There is an effective treatment, costing less than £1, which can prevent a mother passing HIV to her baby. With the right medicine and care, more than 98 per cent of mothers with HIV do not pass the virus to their baby.

With your help, the Born Free from HIV campaign aims to ensure that all mothers with HIV receive this medicine and care. We want world leaders to keep their promise, made at the G8 Summit in 2007, to ensure that all babies are born free from HIV.

To find out more, visit: and


Syd said...

HIV is one of those things that can be prevented but which has the potential to destroy many if not. I hope that something can be done. Education and prevention is the key.

molly said...

i'll check that out..

wanted to come by and tell ya that i made it to yoga yesterday - 1st time in i can't TELL you and it KICKED my a*S!!!! (in a GOOD way). Hope u are still at it as well.

see u girlie!

Kathy Lynne said...

Little known fact: my parents went to high school with the Phillip Seymour Hoffman charachter.