Saturday, July 12, 2008

Is God a Delusion - 3 talks By Nicky Gumbel

by Nicky Gumbel
Anglican Vicar at Holy Trinity Brompton

spent some time reading books by Atheists
and here's his response
in 3 talks

Is God a Delusion? Has Science disproved God?

Is God A delusion? does religeon do more harm than good?

Is God a Delusion? Faith is Irrational

Interesting stuff!

I am reading
Converstions with God (Book 2)

Had a interesting conversation
today and realised other peoples
perception of an area of my life
hadn't moved on or changed
even though I have!!
or am at least open too
bizarre but this enlightenment
may explain
a few seemingly dead ends
I have encountered

the prison I did service at today
has regular communion services
with wine and bread and no option
for grape juice...
one member said he currently spends the evening
prior to communion worrying about
communion and hours/days after
feeling troubled cos he didnt drink the wine
this AA member has written to the Methodists
to ask them to come in
and do communion as methodists
do not use alcohol
hows that for Anylengths & Into Action!!

Pray if you will
for Stuart and Linda
I don't know them either
but I've been asked to by a friend who does
God please help them find love and peace
and hold them at this moment

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