Thursday, July 17, 2008

Slow down your moving too fast...

I went to yoga last night
we are working on my
scapula and rotatacuff muscles...
physical pain is really boring

Did a "chair" tonight at a meeting
that used to be my home group
such a wide range of sobriety lengths
It was good to go and see
some old and new faces
remember how it was
that church helds many weekly meeting
that kept me coming back over and over

I am grateful

re moving
Looking at more options
interesting stuff!

re work
cross training and revisiting
stuff which will help me in my role as suppport
inprove the support i give
in this instance
knowledge = improved confidence
also helping others learn to study
whilst trying not to teach!

re spiritual fitness
praying, inventory, newcomers, meetings
prison service, telephone service, intergroup

re physical fitness
yoga and possibly badminton this weekend
gym i am struggling with... at the moment

re mental fitness
eating irregularly
attempting sleep not really trying hard
not suprisingly got angry this week
not suprisingly I got a little lonely

re step 11
We were prepared to look for it from an entirely different angle.P66
Reading Philip Yancy
The Jesus I never knew
its funny and showing me "the jesus story"
from an angle I find interesting
exactly what it was like for
an unmarried teenage mother
bringing up a baby
2008 years ago
because she was told by an angel
it was Gods will
and convincing people she isnt mental
that she bore God in the flesh
AND she survived
and He survived... how the heck?
yeh I am hooked!
Wikipedia P.Y

More Step 11
Listened to Ajahn Amoro - Ah So
interesting stuff
prompted me to be mindful
that if I am critical, negative, sarcastic, jokey
my words/manner may break others into
a million pieces... unintentionally.
I do start and break into a million pieces
especially when I am critical or judgemental
of myself... and fearful of others
fear and pride
or whether I THINK i am going to be critisised
the anticipation of it coming starts a process off
which requires healing whether
the negativity arrives or not

having fun
and thinking about my birthday month
feeling gratful
I have been given dignity
and a REAL sense of humour
and purpose

I dislike and I am disliked
I am neutral
I love and I am loved

see where I need to work on this week?
and Paying attention
to whats going on in the present moment
Slowing down...

have a great friday
Life I love you
All is groooooovy

Feelin' Groovy Simon & Garfunkel

see i'm sure this song wasn't sung as SLOWLY as this!?
is it me or what??


Syd said...

You sound great. And the exercise helps with so much in life. Have a great weekend.

molly said...

wish i weren't in the coffee shop or i'd blast the video.. will have to check it out :)

yoga huh? (or as i call it - yogurt.) you know i love it but you know what? it actually takes me getting on the mat to do it and i'm sooo undisciplined. why is that?!! hehe

i'm still enjoying joel s goldsmith's books - bless his soul.

and i've been wanting to listen to the Ah So but still haven't gotten to it YET.

u sound really good and i'm glad to see that. enjoy your yogurt. maybe i'll get inspired to go to it again soon.

Kathy Lynne said...

I love that song! I think it was a bit faster back in the 60's and I believe that's the 80's version when they did a reunion in Central Park. I think I like this one better...have a great weekend!!