Tuesday, January 13, 2009

well I am just holding back feeling sorry for myself

and I realised I have PMT
so I am forgiven!
and i'm NOT going to inflict you
with fake self pity
brought on by hornmones
a freudian slip i am going to leave in! :)
restraint of tonge and groove
not shouting my head off
wanting to cry
I am tired
oh yeh i wrote a cheque for a
rather large sum
so I am no longer as richer fool as I was
yet my greed is still clinging on I can feel it
I have had workmen in my house
last 2 days
found another fault
and another created itself!?
all fixable another time
but I HAVE HEAT right now... late evening
not just up until mid morning!

Exam yesterday... glad we have resits
essay to finish
work tomorrow
away 2 evenings conference starting tomorrow night!
and I have to dress up
this is where you grin!
this is where i have to show myself
the just for today card in my face!
and REALLY dress becomingly for work
for one evening a year!
I know it will be good fun
but this is the bit I have to force myself
once its on and i'm there
i'll be fine! infact i'll have a "ball"!
experience tells me so
so shaddup head!
or i'll grow my mullet hair back
like the sax player
on here!!

I forgot I had a label for PMT
should use it more
it will probably be very well used!
see ya!


steveroni said...

PMT...is that something like ODAT?

Keep up the good work, it becomes you,

Peace! That's the only message I can think of this late in the day.
Steve E.

Syd said...

Roping in the hormones can be dicey. Sounds like you have a lot to do this week. Hormones too will ebb.

Mama Dukes said...

have a dressed up pic for FB so I can see?

And who is the guy? Did you say but I missed it somehow?

love youxxxxooooo

Lydia said...

O, what a good laugh I had with your slip "hornmones." My "hornmones" ran my life in my 20s-40s. Dealing with that is a big part of sobriety, but it wasn't discussed in my treatment. Maybe that's changed...at least I hope it has.

I absolutely know what you mean about dressing up and the dread, but once you are at the function it all goes well. I hope you had a good time.