Saturday, March 20, 2010

Self centred world

And yet, we kid ourselves 
that we take responsibility
that we care

I have noticed recently
how much depend on self
How hard it is to communicate
2 way that is with many people
how hard it is to ask for help
What you mean you can't do it?
What me do that?
Ok only if you...

ask a favour
on return for what?
Nothing, just because you can

how many of us just do things
without any expectancy of anything

how many people are in our lives
that can offer us nothing
who we just see as an oppotunity fir service
not because they are a friend
someone who offers nothing
because they cab give nothing

I have realised that I am looked down on
by some people because I can offer nothing
to them, I earn less than they do
I don't dress in the sme labels
or live in the cool part of town 
yet at the same time I have
I have the chance to have 
Commune with
Yet how difficult it is
To maintain it
Each person seems to believe
Their life is
Harder, busier, more important
Than the other
And so we just get on with it
And then find out
Later all that's been going on
They haven't had such a great time
Infact it's hard
Thank god for parents
Thank god for partners
Thank god for whoever
thank god for money, when there us no one
And at the same time 
There must be more
what when there is no one
when there is no money
when you have nothing to offer
what then?

I also look down on people
I noticed

I used to belong to a skill swap
You paid with points
And it didn't matter if you didn't have enough points you could still ask
A person with the skill to do something
And they would
You would go overdrawn in points
But utbwas accepted that you would
Eventually earn those points back again
Or not as the case sometimes went
It wasn't about money

Also I read in The Alchemist by Paolo Coehlo about some skill bank or something like I forget
Where you do something for someone
And it just goes into the bank in the sky kind of, the universe knows:)
And at somepoint you will
Reap a favour or good deed from
Someone at some point 
I like that

It's like doing something for someone
And not getting found out
Yet how difficult is this to maintain?
How difficult us this in any area
How dfiificukt ut is

I am getting fed up of seeing how
Unkind we are to each other
How little we communicate outside of AA, infact it's very few who donin AA

Loneliness is huge
I know I am not the only one
It's a human condition
Yet hardly recognised
And the symptoms go unrecognised
I use buses and so many people
Are on something, or have smoked
Something or are smoking something
The staring eyes 

How many of us
Trawl the Internet looking for
What? Always searching
Yet there are people around
Who have no one
Never speak to anyone
Never get eye contact
A smile 
A squeeze on the arm
Because they can
Not because they have to earn it
Do we care that it's like that?
Is it their fault?
Is it ours?
Why am I even writing about it?

I am seeing why it was said
The local church is the hope of the world
It's there where ? I may be able to
Build the fellowship I crave
The one which I can grow old with
Build up some community
People who know their neigbours
Look out for each other
Know who and where the old peopple are
Notice someones is sick
Support, love, take care
But the greatest of these is Love
1 Corinthians 13:13

It reminds me of when I joined
A home group where we held hands 
To say the serenity prayer
I realised how important that
Was to me and why?
From one week to the next
It was the only time I got to
Be touched by another human


Gabriella Moonlight said...

Powerful and spot on look at so much the duality of humans...we can do and see so much and yet we trip ourselves us with our own self centered spirits. A good reminder and lesson to pay attention too...thank you.

An Irish Friend of Bill said...

well this is why they say the world gets narrower. Its hard to be around ppurely wordly people without selfless compassion and generosity. You end up much more comfortable around 'service' orientated types.

re the lonliness, can't really tell from the post what's up. but yes, most are self centred outside step 11 places. if u email me or just summarise it, ill see what i make of it. as i cant tell fron the post really..

longpham said...

can i make friend with u ?
I'm from Vietnam

Anonymous said...

good words

Syd said...

I like the feelings in the fellowship where I care about others who have nothing they can offer to me, except their E, S, and H. That is an awesome thing. I have many more friends now. I truly care for them and we treat each other well. It is good to reach out a hand to others as you do. Another will grasp your hand in return.

Anonymous said...

Just dropping by to introduce myself. Looking forward to following your blog. Have a good one!

Anonymous said...

I think anonymous acts of kindness are a great thing. Also, my program has given me a great opportunity to be of service to others just because I want to and it's a good thing to do. Big change in my life. Thanks for the reminder and have a good one!