Saturday, March 13, 2010

Stress is a killer

Stress is a killer
I have been warned
To stay home if I have
Still aching muscles
Not to travel to work as it
Could put unnecessary
Strain on my heart
Which is a muscle
How is this?

18 months of
Intense stress
Not self pity
Not drama queen
Big life experiences

Immune system
Shot to pieces
Which is why I am
Picking up viruses
More than I ever
Have in my life
This current one
Is like no other

I love my heart
It's time to be open
Time to listen to it
Be open to what it wants

Strangely or not!
As soon as I become 
Willing to let go absolutely
Not be led into temptation
Or scurry away in avoidance
Another door opened

So for the time being I must
put my feet up!!
Do nothing
Rest, watch tv
Drink juice, eat fruit
Follow instructions
And not count the sick days
Not worry about
What future employers will think
Of time off sick

Pride is also a killer!


Gabriella Moonlight said...

Great post, I love the last line too.

Stress and Pride both incredibly seductive to follow and painful to listen to the voice of the HP to know what to do...

Sounds like you're following your HP and taking care of yourself. As always eloquently written.

Syd said...

Johno, Take care of yourself. Stress can be deadly. I'm glad that you are resting and practicing good self-care.