Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Hiding behind Multi Media - the illusion of "communication"

I am really noticing at the moment
how the art of communication
ever changing evolving

the world has got much smaller
yet at the same time
it is actually preventing
things getting things done
the point is not always clear
and often missed
the meaning is distorted
and is often overlooked

Email after email after email
trails everywhere
waiting for responses
taking time writing responses
to responses
half stories
self seeking
not giving all the information
because it can be omitted
people rarely ask why or why not on email
its in writing a potential confrontation
by email.... so people take whats written
on face value
and try and get by
yet behind the screen
sitting in bewilderment

picking up the phone today
and walking across the room
and talking to someone
over and over
picking up the phone again
discussing in person
with others involved
I HOPE has resolved something
than it would by the lethargy sloth
and acceptance of the unacceptable
that its ok to put off til tomorrow
which could actually get done today
if we only spoke about it
and someone got up and saw it through

ok off my rant soapbox
I too hide or have hidden
or dont say what I want to say
allow others to hide and not respond
to perfectly reasonable questions
because we are free to take part or not
answer or not
and not give any justifications or not
to our actions

Having gone through years
of angst about picking up the phone
to sponsors or other AA's
because I
dont want to be a burden
dont want to say outloud what I really want to say
am afraid of what the other person will say
afraid to be a part of ... which
is what we are trying to do
be a part of a conversation
communicating with someone
for some reason

or just having a friendly conversation
has become a thing of the past

hiding behind a haze of drunkenness
or behind a screen of glass/plastic

feels the same sometimes

yet when i pick up the phone
tell the truth
say what I want
let the other person speak
and come to a compromise

its feels amazing

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