Tuesday, February 01, 2011

whats going on...

I just been through an... i have taken on too much and and now letting go of man...y things, stripping back to basics, prioritising, learning to say no and i cant do this anymore period.

Just also committed to 1 fun evening a week. Essential for where im at now as i tend to take life too seriously, its as essential as Home groups im early days.

Realised this weekend. I can put into words how i feel, get the truth out. Step10, journal, songs, blogs etc. So my soul/spirit and mentally gets released when i cut through the crap to get truth (at that moment) Yet On a physical level, i am not convinced i physically feel fully how i am feeling.

Was speaking to friemd who works with sound, not singing necessarily, sounds from within from scream to whatever comes... Wish she was nearer, i would give it ago, try and shift the block which is clearly there, i ive been noticing it more recently.

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