Thursday, March 17, 2011

Written step 10's still work - make space for grace

Even though i KNOW
The power of written step 10's
Still suprises me

Everytime i begin just writing
Painfully hard to actually
Do it properly at times
Because i just dont want to
Yet i do want to
Because i KNOW
Amazing change happens
When i do

step 10's are my time
With god
Time which i need to make
This is my prayer and meditation
Time with god
Getting honest
Praying it out
And answers are coming

In this season of nightmares
as comes when i am out of control
I mean all around me is not going my way
Or not clear, or not decided
Or unfinished, or in progress
Further false promises at work
More and more is put upon us
The more i want to
Go back to living in a tent
In epping forest for the summer
or go and flake out for the summer
Do something else

S'funny how i want to go back
To when i had no possessions
Nothing much
Now i have so much
Its like a burden
Yet to get rid is difficult

Like i said before
Owning a property can be good
Can be bad
Renting a property can be good
Can be bad

Anyway im gonna see what
Blockbuster horror film my head
Picks out for tonights nightmare

Step10's are stabilisers
They empty our heads
And make space for grace

Work to live?
Live to work?
No .... Job or no job....
Relationship with HP is key

God show me what it is
You want me to do next

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