Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Settling in on course & plumbing fixed

The course, well I think
Well not its not all new
just knowledge presented in a different context
some new stuff though aswell

Oh yeh
as usual when embarking and embracing
change starting on a new Step, new job,
or letting go of an old behaviour,
sponsor, idea, partner
The Nightmare came SUNDAY
I had been watching out for it
and well gave up on it
and it came with a vengence
Nightmare Sunday night
EEEEEEEK it was a shocker
I have no idea
how my mind comes up with them
God please tone it down next time

Monday, after lecture
I slept SOOO soundly or did my brain just flake off?
I slept through alarm clocks
Infact sponsee woke me up with her early morning call!!

Yesterdays was easier, and I left lighter
So I am very happy
Lots to do this week
but manageable and attemptable
Its easy to see how complicated I could make it...
If I didnt listen and be guided by the lecturer

Day to day
Back in on Yoga
Back down the gym tonight
Turning up for work and working
(as opposed to think about course)

Plumbing... yes plumbing thats a story
Blocked pipes for a while
Plumber recommended some drain uinblocker
Plumbers merchant refused to sell it me
Cos "if I wasnt careful I would stain my furniture"!?
I still get resentment when I go into a plumbers merchant
and they talk to me like I dont know what a copper pipe is
or where my stop cock is and what a ball cock does
Dont they know who I am!? the arrogance of me yeh get down Johno
(I am a DIY enthusiast)
I didnt argue, just left after a few attempts to buy it
I just had to accept they didnt want to sell it me for my own good
Gods Angels and Kindness, comes in many forms

I went to B&Q saturday
and bought the same drain unblocker
off the shelf with no human aid
the instructions and warnings are on the box
clearly written

Resentment and defects aside
B&Q is MUST, its got everything I could want and need!
Its a 4th dimension
Its one of the few shops I can leave
WITHOUT getting a resentment
I love B&Q! its true!

Anyway, used it EXACTLY how it was said
nothing happened
put more in
and again
next morning again
nothing... still blocked
self will run riot
not willing to spend out on a plumber
determind to fix it on self will
and prayer

finally, gave up and let go
tried the plumber who was MIA all week...
his phone had been locked in on a job!

It is worth waiting for I promise...

So my AA plumber is sick
so i offer to take my key over to him
so he can come over sometime to fix it
yes, so i make a 5 hour round trip to take key
for my benefit, we have AA chat at same time
great company I have to say

I get home
Put the washer on just incase its fixed
even though am telling myself that
INSANITY is repeating the same thing over and over
and expecting a different result

Anyway, what happened was, the blockage had shifted
I ran a bath, it drained in RECORD time
what had occured ?
a bleeddin miracle!?

I was prepared to finally let go and hand it over
to a PLUMBER greater than myself
God knows how much that was gonna cost
and it fixed itself...
Itself and the drain unblocker.. and prayer of course!

I am grateful this is a win win win situation


I got peace of mind, my plumbing is fixed
I dont get a very large plumbers bill
which means I got more money to spend on
very expensive uni books!

win win win

Have a good week all :)

I am happy and grateful
I am not immune,
I have fear around my course
inventory shows me the truth
A day at a time
follow the instructions
ask questions
keep it simple
be guided by the lecturer/s (power greater than)
just turn up to everything
attempt everything
do my best
right or wrong
nothing... NOTHING goes to waste!

Thank you God


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Rhonda said...

I agree, nothing goes to waste.
so happy for you that you didn't have a huge plumbing bill.

Syd said...

We call this stuff Draino over here. Very caustic. I don't like to fix plumbing much. Glad that yours was "unplugged" without a lot of hassle.

Kathy Lynne said...

"plumber greater than yourself"! Love that. Those kind of analogies are what got me into AA. Helped me to understand what was too big for me to understand. Good to catch up with you.