Saturday, November 24, 2007

God makes anything possible

Today I went to prison to to a chair
my clearance had come through
but they hadnt got it on the list
nor the other guy who was with me
he was going to give up and go home
the prison "guard" got on the phone
and his guvner said we could go on G wing
as long as we got searched

One guy turned up at the meeting
he shared how he had no-one to share with
as many newcomers said they would turn up
and didnt, they said they wanted help
and so he was really glad we came
cos he needed to hear and share with
us about recovery, he gets lonely and disheartened
when he has no-one to help him
he does all the helping
he loves that he has AA and prayers and God

See God meant us to stick around and not go home
until the prison officer told us too
Even if your clearance hasnt reached the main desk
God makes things possible!

I really wanted to go home after
But had a meeting with the chair of intergroup
how can I have a resentment? well I have
turned up anyway
beautiful flat on the Thames
silent and peaceful, he cooked
we talked and got some business done

Now I must study

God help me please


MICKY said...

Dear Johno,
I mentioned your name, when I attended ROSARY last Thursday. I pray that GOD will release you from your "psychological prison".

Your fear is from your childhood - only God through the POWER of the HOLY SPIRIT, can heal you.


About 3 years ago I dropped into a black hole – four months of absolute terror. I wanted to end my life, but somehow [Holy Spirit], I reached out to a friend who took me to hospital. I had three visits [hospital] in four months – I actually thought I was in hell.

I imagine I was going through some sort of metamorphosis [mental, physical & spiritual]. I had been seeing a therapist [1994] on a regular basis, up until this point in time.

I actually thought I would be locked away – but the hospital staff was very supportive [I had no control over my process].

I was released from hospital 16th September 2004, but my fear, pain & shame had only subsided a little. I remember this particular morning waking up [home] & my process would start up again [fear, pain, & shame].

No one could help me, not even my therapist [I was terrified]. I asked Jesus Christ to have mercy on me & forgive me my sins.

Slowly, all my fear has dissipated & I believe Jesus delivered me from my “psychological prison.” I am a practicing Catholic & the Holy Spirit is my friend & strength; every day since then has been a joy & blessing.

I deserve to go to hell for the life I have led, but Jesus through His sacrifice on the cross, delivered me from my inequities. John 3: 8, John 15: 26, are verses I can relate to, organically.

He’s a real person who is with me all the time. I have so much joy & peace in my life, today, after a childhood spent in orphanages .

God LOVES me so much. Fear, pain, & shame, are no longer my constant companions. I just wanted to share my experience with you [Luke 8: 16 – 17].


Syd said...

It sounds as if you are helping yourself through your service. Good going Johno.

MICKY said...

Dear Johno,
You are not helping anyone - especially, prison inmates - by passing on your non - message of recovery.

Did you tell the prison inmates about Jesus Christ, Johno? Or did you just "rattle"' of a DRUNK - A - LOG?

"He who is not with Me is against Me; and he who does not gather with Me scatters (Matthew 12: 30).


johno said...

Hi Micky

I am grateful for you saying my name and your prayers, thank you.

It sounds like you are on quite a journey. Thanks for sharing some of it.

I do not discuss Jesus Christ in my share no. Its God that I share about and the 12 Steps.

I cannot share what I is not my experience. I have not yet accepted Jesus as a part of my life as yet, I am not sure how he fits with it all. I remain openminded and accept how important he is in your and other peoples lives. However I would be dishonest of me to pretend I feel Jesus in my heart.

This non acceptance does not scare me, as my relationship with God is so strong that I know its ok, and God forgives me, as does Jesus for not fully acceptning him into my life.

As with anything good for me, I will hear and accept when I am meant to hear and accept.

Perhaps you are my teacher Micky, perhaps Jesus is speaking to me through you, I dunno yet, I remain open minded. I have no idea. I will know when I know.

God really moves in mysterious but glorious ways.

In love and fellowship


johno said...

ps Micky

no i didnt rattle of a drunk a log in the prison. To do that too would be dishonest. I gratefully have a few years of experience of days not drunking now to share about.

in line with tradition 5 and 12, staying sober to help the still suffering alcoholic and passing on a message of recovery, that I have recovered from a HOPELESS state of body and mind.

thats all.

Micky do you drink alcohol?

Christine said...

you my dear are simply amazing to me, your patience and compassion is unbounded

MICKY said...

Dear Johno,
Thanks for your honest response. I haven’t had a drink of alcohol, for over 22 years, thanks to the POWER of the HOLY SPIRIT.

Read my POST: THE 12 STEPS DOWN TO HELL - leave a comment.

You will continue to be in my prayers, Johno!!