Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Dear johno

you know what to do...
follow the process, head down,
beware of being hijacked and keep on keeping on...
day at a time.. til its done :) 

The Darkest hour is before the dawn. 

You may be the (almost the) only one, with that chip of a book & spiritual toolkit going into that ego filled culture... 
sounds like you are needed 
(the great you ;) ...

What i mean is, I need you
To be obedient, human & disciplined 
Trust me, you ARE exactly where you are supposed to be 

Are you praying?? Who to??

God is your director you are his agent, channel whatever...

Pray for the fear to be removed and for your attention to be directed to what He would have you be.

Read all of step 3 in the big book.
The other big book

And remember it's MY Will not your will be done.

Also get the gaffer tape out

restraint of Tongue pen email text

no sulking

go and pray during the day

step away from your desk

take action

get out if praying in your head

pray to a power greater than you
(that would be me)

one who has all power

that one is god

may you find him now 

Psalm 46:10 be still and know that
I am God

It's true
Trust me


ps and johno...


I Love you



1 comment:

Syd said...

Thanks Johno. I like the reminder of trusting God. I do.