Friday, December 24, 2010

So it came :-) much needed feeling of peace

I felt Peace
Went to bed this afternoon
Got up and went and sang carols
With band at peoples houses
Who cant get out
I felt some joy
Act as if ... In service
And it lifted me
It lifted those we sang to
And it lifted neughbours
Of those we sang to
Curtains twitched
Some windows opened
Shadows moved in the darkness
Behind the windows
People moved by singing of carols
Yet alone in their homes
Singing has a lovely effect on people
As does a salvation army band
We sang and played at the pub
Next to our hall and they came out
And sang with us
A few drunk and tired looking already
And it was only 6 oclock

Met a guy near me and i took him
To meeting in town
I love that i can use my car to give lifts
I prayed that i would not just have it
For my benefit
And my prayers are coming true
It was freezing
We had a good chat on way
And on way back
Meeting was raw
Emitional mentaal disorders
And peace and serenity
Wishes for a safe day
I feel a love i havent
Felt before
Local community
I will bump into 'these people'
2 weeks of loads of meetings
Has brought me back to life
Given me perspective
Self pity self seeking slipped away
Opportunity for service
Map some progress
Retrieve some sanity
And made friends

Also christmas isnt shit
The lead up has been
Me buying into other peoples
Looks of pity when i said i was alone
Christmas day
Eventually i bought it aswell !!
Forgot who i am
I invited the using addict for lunch again
Tmoro after church
I say that cos she has it much
Worse than i, she has conplete
Rejection from her family
And is so in addictiction
All we can do is pray
And love her unconditionally
After i will go to meeting in evening
And take the guy who lives near
Well thats the simple plan
I hope she comes for lunch
Although i know its hit and miss
So am happy to eat alone
And have stuff to do either way

Thinking i dont need meetings
Knowing i do and doing them
Sharing the truth and gratitude
Letting people in
Going to more meetings
Going to another meeting
Allowing the feloowship to strengthen me
Letting go
I feel so much better
Now i kept it simple
Revolve it around meetings
First things first

Really appreciated your comments
Thank you
As always
The truth sets me free
Keep on keeping on

Have a safe and peaceful one :-)
In fellowship

Note to self
no need to go away next year
Just disappear into meetings
In the lead up to christmas
Is an option

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