Sunday, October 16, 2005

Well its official

I am a safe rider (of motorcycle)
After 20 year gap, bought a bike & gingerly took too the road
Full licence, doesnt mean safe rider, so i took a refresher course
Confidence not quite there... a little shakey at times
But GET OUT THERE and try it

So i did/do
London Traffic certainly keeps me in the present moment
You Snooze You Lose
A definite improvement in a few short weeks
Dropped it already...
well am just like the others riders then... imperfect.. accept it

Today, took some instruction,
as i wanted some slow riding skills improving
Guess what, he said my bike was defective,
no wonder my slow riding skills were shakey

On the road riding, very little to say, just a few hints
general handling, just relax, be confident, feel the engine... what!?
Do you by any chance mean ... Use the force ?

i can do it, i am doing it, its the bike thats defective,
not me this time Hale"frickin"leuia

It was time well spent, it feels more manageable already
Just got to pray the front end is fixable
Its a bit like the circus bike, where the bars go one way & the wheel the other, well not quite as exaggerated, but you get the picture
If you imagine driving/riding with your front tyre/s flat
thats the control i havent got, very heavy

Needed someone else to point out the problem
Message is I am not always the problem, but my reaction to it that is
No extra training required, just practice
Day at a time

I got a retro bike, so no tricky sporty riding
No whizzing around, its not built for that
But then am not sure i am... yet
Easy does it

Fun Fun Fun

Step3 postponed, sponsor sick
obsessive thinking absent today... thankyou God
Have i made a Decision ttmwamlotapgt myself? Yeah

Lighten up ? yeah ok i'll give that ago aswell


Trudging said...

That really sounds like fun. Stay safe!

Blue said...

oh! that is so great you are able to ride again. I have always wanted a motorcycle (have one really, it's in peices at the moment) but I don't have the never to try and ride... so I think that's fricken awesome that you got back out there and did it!

NMAMFQLMSH said... will have to check out tomorrow's half naked pic of me.....lmao.

flog65364263 said...

nice blog. be careful on the motorcycle and always wear a brain bucket.

johno said...

thanks :)