Sunday, January 22, 2006

Chocolate fudge cake

Went out tonight
I amaze myself at times
went to a restaurant
no weirdness
no feeling less than
just keep it simple
no ego
just be me
took part
with people i dont even know
fitted in
strange but true
felt normal
in the moment
it was easy
what happened ???
with people i dont know not in the fellowship
left at a reasonable time
i had fun

Bizarre, i like this

around the chocolate fudge cake
I rarely eat many deserts, its true
if i do, i generally choose choc fudge cake
dunno why
i love half of it
everytime i try and eat it all
everytime, i feel sick after
its too rich
too thick
but tastes mmm
i cant stop half way
i have tooo try and eat the lot
even though i know at a certain point its time to stop
I cant
I carry on till the bitter end
which is usually three quarters in
and then wonder what happened again....
it never changes
Good job I have a sense of humus, humour
Is it a problem ? nah not really
gluttony once in a while
exersizing my will on chocolate cake
and suffering the consequences
in company I dont know and laughing about it

Rule 62# Dont take yourself so damn seriously
(Steps & Traditions)

just part of the wonderful world of Johno

Think am getting to do restaurants
practice, keep on, practice, keep on
keep turning up and just do it

Thank you for another sober & useful day


Blue said...

I think that's so brave that you went to eat alone. I have to admit I never have, scares me to death. Maybe someday...

dAAve said...

No, thank you!


I keep meaning to tell you that I really love your style of writing.
I see you,

johno said...

Not wishing to mislead, I forgot to say, it was a friends birthday. I didnt know anyone else who was gonna be there. there were infact two extra people I knew from fellowship when i got there. But the fact that I wasnt drinking, and sat with people I didnt know, didnt matter, think i got away with it...being a standard human i mean :-)

Rex said... is better than drugs!