Saturday, October 18, 2008

6 more sleeps....

then i move
boxing up all my stuff
I thought I had done loads already
seems to justr keep finding stuff!!
and very little rubbish
I have thrown loads away
over the last year or so!!
thank goodness

I have no idea
when I am going to study
I have no idea
I am just keeping going until
i need to sleep!!
eating and sleeping and praying
and boxing

Moral dilemm over
I have bought a new toilet seat
I will enjoy it
for the next few days...

you know I try and not
get excited about my dad
helping out
because its just so rare
but I felt like a turning point
when they offered
now he cut the days down by one today
I feel happy he's helping atall
kind of a miracle
although I cant deny my disappointment
that its so short
however from what he said today
they will come armed with
toolbox and rubber gloves
they will come again for a long weekend
when I next take some time off...
this is not something I normally do
take long weekends unless I go away
perhaps times are a changing
perhaps.. i dunno
ok, back to today
back to my boxes

3 friends have had babies this year
all gifts of recovery
its lovely

have a great rest of weekend
whatever you do


AlkySeltzer said...

YOU have a great weekend. Ours is so busy, I won't even SEE Prayer Girl until after noon Sunday--it is midnite Sat now.

Is the new toilet seat (which you enjoy) attached to a toilet? I'm jes sayin'.....

Syd said...

Johno, I hope that your boxing up things goes well. I don't much like packing to move. Hope that your weekend was a good one.

An Irish Friend of Bill said...

Good luck with the move!
Moves always take it out of you. So go easy! Try not to drive yerself mad by doing too much. it can be very unsettling and mentally exhausting. if you give yourself a break and just do your lousy best it will soon all be settled!