Wednesday, October 01, 2008

You dont always get what you want... you get what you need

Good news
Blood tests all fine
Good news
further referral for physio
keep taking the tablets for now
try lower dose
see how the symptoms are...then

Bad news
at work

Good news
Back at Uni
and i feel a REAL sense of relief
that 3 nights a week
unless the uni falls down
I attend lectures
and take part
follow instructions
a certain amount of security and .. control

Keep it in the day
I am going to take inventory
pray for all the defects to be removed
and pray for fear around money to be removed
pray to keep my mouth shut
and accept that
its ultimately the market thats done it
not the indivuidual
see as I say that I can come up with a reason
why its the individual's fault
and I would be right
... but does right make me happy? Nope
then I have to shut up, let go and pray!

Bottom line

I have a job I can do and like
I have fixable health
Uni near work
hospital near work
needs not wants

Pray tonight for care and guidance
love and tolerence
and to be reminded that
there are VERY many people I work with
feeling financial insecurity
just like me
AND harder!
but as usual I compare my insides
with their outsides!
and feel like I am the only one

You cant always get what you want
You cant always get what you want
you cant always get what you
but if you try sometimes
you might find....
you get what you need

Courage is to take a step forward into an area of difficulty without a solution in mind, but yet feeling that victory is ahead. It is going empty handed, but knowing that God's hand is stretched out to pull you.

Here I am! No financial solution

Tell me when its time!


Lydia said...

You're working it out with faith, realism, and humor. Plus++ you used one of my all-time favorite songs here! It really was a good message!

Kathy Lynne said...

okay, here's a thought..maybe the financial issues you are facing are the financial solution..

Syd said...

I love that song by the Rolling Stones. It is true that what we want is not so important but we can live with what we need.

AlkySeltzer said...

The one thing which *I* can do something about, is to keep my mouth shut. (Restraint of pen and tongue--WOW!)

When that is appropriate.
And it usually IS!

But that's the one thing which gives me the most trouble doing...