Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Analysis Paralysis v First things First

Whenever my sponsor tells me am analysing
My response is... well you did ask me how I am!!
I wouldnt have said if you hadnt asked
Thankfully it doesnt happen so much nowadays
(Usually when I have balked at inventory for a few days)

I posted not long ago
I have a tendency to blog instead of Step10 & pray
Even though the results of Step10 & prayer
Inventory, prayer and helping others is the X factor
Sharing my will and my life on a blog is not going to keep
me from alcoholic death or insanity

Taking Daily inventory
Improving my conscious contact
and immersing my physical, mental self into step 9
Doing, not thinking

Last night I surrendered my will & my impatience over
Taken sponsors suggestion on trust re step 9
Had a nightmare in the night!!

Every single step, when i surrender to it
i mean every step, when i let go of predicting, manipulating
accept & just do, see what happens, keep it simple
I have a nightmares for little while

Nowadays I am grateful for them
For me its evidence I am in surrender mode
Honest, willing and openminded
For me I see it now as my UNconscious
processing the change, my mind still works even when I am asleep
Even if consciously I am doing the right things, prayer, inventory
to combat fear.... when I am asleep, I am powerless

This is a cunning baffling powerful illness
It absolutely does not want me to take this step
It knows its another step away from a drink
Not another step towards

Nightmares, unmanageability, physically sick
yeah I'll start the step when am feeling better!!!!!!!!!

I have, so am gonna crack on with step 9 regardless of how am
feeling, its a program of action.
Follow sponsors suggestions. Thats all!!

I have to do this step
Step9 is "in line with" Gods will,
so I MUST exert every ounce of my will to do it
NOT blog.... If you catch me blogging,
ask me if am half way through my amends yet
Or just ignore my posts!!!!

Be ruthless, you have my permission
I want what you have
I did say I would go to any length
I still do & will

Let go Let God
God Bless



God Bless to you Johno. You feeling under the weather? I have been sick for a long time. Hope you feel better soon.

Christine said...

it really was after completing the 9th Step that the Promises began coming true for me

keep on keeping on even if the nightmares come. My disease does want me dead---inside

Rex said...

Thanks Johno.....couldn't have said it better. Time for me to get back to first things first....hope your surrender goes well.

Anonymous said...

only when I am in enough pain will I be motivated enough to change... otherwise I am just fine thank you! See you when you are done with that list

Trudging said...

You are absolutely right!