Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Grateful for "Live and Let Live" in the workplace

So we think cheerfulness and laughter make for usefulness.

Yesterday at work we had such a laugh
we also got so much work done

How often now does at least one person every few day who sits
on our bank of desks say "this dont feel like work" or
"when do we have to do the real work?" we have a very profitable
group of people on here, yet we have lots of time to laugh

childlike, not childish
laugh at ourselves
laugh with each other
All with defects, no-one is perfect
each of us experiences, excited, hysterical,
stroppy, happy, sad, confused, focussed, flirty, restless, calm,
irritable, irritating, discontented, contented, playful, high, low,
hot, cold, hungry, full up..... I could GO ON.
And its all ok
No-one gets hurt.
We are just spiritually sick
We also try to do the right thing at the same time
Different Defects playing up on different days
Different defects playing up in different people
Lots of love, acceptance, forgiveness, honesty, integrity,
openness, sharing experience, patience, tolerence, service around

Live and Let Live
Am learning the meaning of this
It works, it really does
A loving God watches over us

Just for Today "I won't find fault with anything, nor try to
improve or regulate anybody but myself"

Yesterday one of us was sad, lots of tears
We all felt it
We just felt it
Sometimes there is strength in doing nothing, not trying to
regulate anyone continuing to be ourselves and
do whats in front of us - our jobs
Let their sadness come, accept it was part of "their" processing
Let it come and let it go.
This too shall pass, it did, today no sadness, laughter returns

A few years ago was threatened with disciplinery for poor
performance, I was not profitable to the business, & could
show no evidence that I would change. i couldnt do my job &
was paralysed with fear most of my working day trying to
get away with doing very little, because I couldnt manage to
do anything & too afraid to do give up or ask for help.

Tears and laughter all around me in the same day
Useful and profitable, not just in financial terms
Work that feels like play
Free Gym at work with classes...
At last I restarted yoga this lunch time
Lovin the downwards facing dog & cobra

Home group tonight aswell
Theres more but I need to go and read step 9 again
"until i get a handle on it"

I am so freekin blessed
Recovery Rocks!!! Bring it On Dudes!!

Thank you God!!

P132 Big Book Alcoholics Anonymous

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