Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Shrove Tuesday

Today I am grateful.....

3 1/2 yrs sober
Happy Birthday Mum
AA gave me some quality time
I have some good memories
contact with brother
to have a laugh with him
to be a real part of his life
to be closer to him than EVER before

for a useful days work
am more easily open to change
for restraint of tongue and pen
for kindness and love
peoples suprising thoughtfulness
praying works

did service tonight
I have a Loving God in my life today
I have a conscious contact with it

God wants the Best for me
....the results of these steps are evidence enough
There are NO coincidences

I put my finances in Gods hands Monday
......Let go, gave freely
I received before the day was out
There are NO coincidences this HAS
happened before...
when my MOTIVES were unconditional

grateful for tough love
that the truth ALWAYS sets me free
Gods time not mine
I am enough
I am always work in progress
for willingness
knowing what makes me comfortable
doing what makes me comfortable

having a design for living that works
for this instruction book for a bright life
..... our Big Book
for a further guidance manual
.... our twelve steps and twelve traditions
that I can do a step 10 on my NOT getting
around to having a pancake today!! :-)

God Grant me the serenity
to accept the things I cannot change
Courage to change the things I can
and the wisdom to know the difference

Hope you had a fab shrove tuesday too
I'll make pancakes at the weekend... lots!!!
(If I remember)


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Blue said...

I like that you said "I am always work in progress" you know 3 1/2 years is a very long time... they say that the mind doesn't really start to clear up until five years sober. At least that is what a friend of mine loves to tell me. I think I am starting to believe him.