Thursday, February 15, 2007

Tradition 7 in my affairs

I am amazed
The fear of what people think of me is disappearing

Brother wants me to lend X amount of money
I would like to help

Fear - he wont pay me back
Pride - he'll think bad of me cos i cant lend him it all,
Self will - I havent all that he needs

Freedom - its not my job to fix him
Freedom - doesnt matter what he thinks of me

Fear - it will leave me short...

Tradition 7
pay my bills & food,
keep a prudent reserve
Freedom from financial insecurity

Willingness to lend the remainder
Peace of mind I have enough
Unconditional giving,
willingness to forgive him if he lets me down
faith that it will be ok whatever happens

My needs are always satisfied

Thank you

Step 8 - Made a list - done it

1 comment:

Blue said...

what a beautiful example of working the steps in your life... nice to see you posting

missed you