Sunday, February 18, 2007

I am so excited

Last year it seemed like "everyone" around here
was raving on about the Greeek Convention
and the year before
the year before that I wasnt listening!!

This year its working its way in me
if you know what I mean
Seed was planted a few years ago
its starting to flower

Putting in the footwork
Finding out
Speaking to "ok" people thats been
people who tell me their truth

God am i excited
Never been to Athens either

can you feel it ?

At the same time tho
Letting go of the outcome

Then GET THIS....
I asked him.... is it near Rome? :-O
see my global knowledge currently
is a little off beam




It's a piece of driftwood...hehehe.
I haven't been a good blogger buddy lately. I'll be back to read soon.

Blue said...

I just got to go to mexico this past new year's & it was the 1st time for me out of the US... I was so excited! I loved it...

if you needed my e-mail here it is
blue16010 at hotmail

Gwen said...

That is really exciting!

Meg Moran said...

wow if you go you better blog about it and take pics....
BTW...nice to meet you!