Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Feeling impatient? want recovered in all areas NOW ?

Imagine your defects sitting in front of you
along with your head and the Sh&t fairy

Heres one to try
Try Singing this to your defects of character
Try Singing this as if you are your heart
try singing this from your heart
Sing this to the sh&t fairy that sits on your shoulder
who'se saying its not working or I would be fixed by now

You are recovering from a killer illness (like cancer)
The alcohol problem, appears to have been removed
Which itself is a gift
We then want ACTION in all other areas of our life NOW
It all becomes really clear what needs sorting out, changing

We forget, Alcohol was/is what was killing us physically
even though mentally we may still be
driven insane by our thinking (or should I say
listening to our defective thinking
thinking driven by our defects
which eventually if not dealt with will drive us into
insanity, or death... not just by drinking

The great thing about recovery is
we suddeny see all these other things need changing
improving on, and we want it NOW because we see
others have had it changed, it CAN be done
and we are told we are not the exception
Keep coming back does not quiet the impatience

All in Gods Time, (not mine)
(I keep saying this, I think its gonna be the title
of my first song!?)

Sometimes inventory needs retaking
and retaking
and retaking
on certain life areas
(Step4 & then ongoing Step10's)
Taking responsibility
having faith
Allow Willingness, Action and Patience to drive you

The only thing instant in AA is the coffee
And 20-30 years of insanity will not be fixed in 2 or 3 or 4
However it amazing and all areas are being sorted and resorted
improved and improved
The best is yet to come

So while your still healing
Have a little patience

Take That - Patience

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P I F F L A N said...

Hey johno! thanks for your visit on my blog. Beautiful text you have here!