Monday, September 24, 2007

You are now entering the 4th Dimension - My chains fell off, my heart was free

I had the most bizarre conversation today

Hi its .... from ...
Well we have had the whole department
searching for your exam
and we have decided,we have lost you entrance exam
We aren't sure how, as only 3 of you sat it
and we have 2 of them here, its just yours

Pause (johno listened blinking)

and its undesirable for us to have you to sit the test again
pause (johno keep quiet)

so how do you think you did?
I dont know, thats what i was hoping you were going to tell me

well how do you think you did?
I found it hard

how hard, do you do this in your daily work life?
no I dont write essays, I have written reports
not like this though, I cannot compare the two
I haven't written an essay in nearly 20 years
I found it difficult

and so how do you think you would get on on the course?
I dont know, I know i will need help, as i said to you
on the open day, you do have the help there dont you?

yes we do
and do many people make use of it?

yes some people become dependent on it some people
just need help for certain aspects

well i would be someone that would get help definitely
johno's heart sank a little

would it suprise you if i was encouraged by your
honesty about your skill level? most people would have
said they, had breezed through the exam and would
be trying to impress a place on the course...
especially as we have lost your paper
but you arent

er no, i dont know if i will be able to do it
i dont know how much help i need, i just know I will need
help thats all, but i would like to
try this year to see how it goes
i would just like the opportunity to try

ok, on that basis we will offer you a place
I will write the letter now

thank you

am blown away by opportunity

I watch what you do with others
I see what you do in others

letting go
Letting you
Giving all of me
Absolute trust
why wouldnt I?
everything i offer you absolutely
becomes Gold
Putting all of me in your hands
Is the BEST thing I have EVER done

You shown me in others what You can do
You take away their difficulties
and this helps me
and then when am willing and ready
you take away my difficulties
that victory over them may bear witness
to those I would help
Of Thy Power, Thy Glory, Thy Way of Life
May I do Thy Will always!

Will these tears of Joy ever stop?

The impossible just became possible!



Click the arrow above artist
Tim Hughes - Holding nothing back

My chains fell of, my heart was free
I'm alive to live for you
I'm alive to live for you
Amazing Love, how can it be?
You gave evertything for me
You gave evertything for me

Nothings gonna hold me back
Nothings gonna hold me back
Nothings gonna hold me back

Free to love
Free to give
Free to be

I'm Free to love You....


An Irish Friend of Bill said...

Yeah. No such things as coincidences.
Its a pretty cool plan for living don't you think?
They were smart those first hundred members..
Glad !!! you got in!
Very exciting! I'm starting term in a week or so myself and am very busy stockpiling 'stuff' for the new term. Just an excuse for a spending spree really..
new laptop, desktop, fancy software, ipod, and a TON of books. the list is endless!!
Did you know that (in theory) you can do a second year in a different college if you like? you dont have to stay in the one you are in if you were too late to get into another one. Just thought i would mention. You will learn to LOVE the library! The British library, Senate library, and main UCL library are something ! else. Very !!! fancy!
anyway I'd better be off. GREAT news!

Katia said...

WOW Congrats!!

So, what kind of class is this? If it involves writing, let me know. I volunteer a lot at our writing center (not this term since I have phd applications), but I would be more than happy to take a look at something and make suggestions, recommendations and such.

Have a wonderful night!

LAS said...

Congratulations! I love to hear stories like this! It renews my faith and helps me let go!

Syd said...

Johno, it is great and your honesty is admirable. I think that your sincerity came through. I'm glad for you and know that you will do well.

Kathy Lynne said...

Sounds like your conversation was the real test and you passed with flying colors. They keep telling me pure motives......

Congratulations! You'll be great.

Rhonda said...


johno said...

Thank you all, this is as the result of these steps and keeping on keeping on, it just gets better!

dAAve said...

Who'd of thunk it?

Christine said...

honesty gets us places we couldn't go otherwise

Congradulations darlin'