Monday, September 03, 2007



I heard this in very early days
And regularly use this most days

It touches on it in the book Living Sober
Clancy touches on it in his tapes too

How it works on me is
If/when I am
comparing myself with others
not wanting to do anything
full of self will
gazing into space
feeling not good enough
not liking you
feeling hard done by
the worlds against me
thinging everybody else is at fault
believing everybody else is at fault
feeling disconnected from myself and others

Then I look at H.A.L.T
When did I last eat? Am I hungry ?
am I angry, resentful, not accepting of something?
Am I lonely, feeling misunderstood, nobody loves me ?
Am I getting enough rest ? Quality ? Consistently ?

usually one of those is needed to be dealt with
Some people have major angry and lonely attacks
I used to have lonely attacks
for me nowadays I watch for hungry and tired
If I am one or both or all four
I will start pointing fingers
or getting miserable, poor me
and everything starts to become a big deal
my thinking, perception and intuition becomes skewed
and I become less able to function in my usual
relatively sane! way

Solution = be honest = take action

If I havent eaten enough so far - EAT
Good food not junk, and its quality not quantity

If angry, resntful, not accepting of something -
Check you when you last ate and how your much rest you are getting
If you are new, SPEAK with another alky/Sponsor
If know how to take inventory
Take inventory, pray, help a newcomer REPEAT if necessary
Post inventory, if still unsure what problem is
or what to pray for speak with sponsor,
or another responsible alky for counsel

Check when you last ate (see above) if you are tired (see below)
are you afraid or something coming up
Are you feeling misunderstood
If you are new, SPEAK with another alky/Sponsor
Go to a meeting
Go for coffee after
Call up someone and ask them how they are ?
Call up someone and say "I am feeling lonely"
CALL up someone else and ask them how they are
Go to a meeting
Pray and chat with HP/God, like you would a wise gentle friend

When did you last rest ?
Are you resentful, afraid, not accepting of something?
Put your feet up and snooze
Go to bed early today
and go to bed early again tomorrow
repeat as often as possible
Preferabley after having eaten enough each day
resentments, fear, defects are exhausting in themselves
to carry round...speak with sponsor, take inventory

Ok am off, very tired and am beginning to feel miserable
and lonely and........ AM JUST TIRED!!

The suns still up
and I am going to bed!

Practicing H.A.L.T enables the restraint of tongue and pen tool
not practicing H.A.L.T can lead to destruction of the innocent

Good night


Christine said...

the other check I do for myself is: am I getting my period? And now, could it be hormonal?

thought of you today while climbing

Syd said...

Great post Johno. I generally am at my worst when I'm tired and sleep deprived. Add the other ingredients and I go to the abyss. I know that I need to just stop everything and get rest.

molly said...

thanks for the post :) For some reason I thought that H.A.L.T. was JUST for the very very new. But I'm realizing I have to keep on keeping on with it. Take care!