Thursday, September 27, 2007

I am VERY excited, and I have even started yet!!

Oh my God
This week has been a journey in itself
Got so much done
Its ALL fitted into place
Time management?
Nah its AA time
theres extra seconds in Gods AA time

Everything I need to do up to today
Is done
How cool is that?

Yesterday I went in search if the Library
Losing myself in the warrens inspite
of asking direction 3 times
A journey within the journey
Yeh I found it, awesome

Today I found my way round the building easy
(I'd walked the whole building last night)
Today I get excited about software
Thats available to make studying easier

Today whilst other people were asking
Whats the least amount of classes you have to attend?
But you cant rely on the tube?
When do the resits take place?

I find myself asking
What do I have to do to get a
First Class Honours Degree

Aim for perfection
Settle for excellence

he smiled and said we'll show you
one of the modules this semester

In each of the meetings I have
been to this week
they stress the importance
of turning up to everything
doing the preparation
your tutor will lead you in
reading material, research sources

Tonight he said

We assume when you start the course
You know nothing about the subject
We suggest you turn up
keep turning up
follow instructions
at the end of the course
You will be autonomous and wont need us anymore

'uck me
Its not rocket science is it?

Today This feels right
This IS my time

Just for today I am unafraid

Here's a VERY well used piece of writing
from Nelson Mandela's Inaugural speech 1994
Its something I have on my wall at home
To the writer...Thank you

4 years ago
I would have loved this piece of writing
But I wouldnt have felt it
Not really, not in my heart
I would have wanted it
But it would have been out of reach

Today I can say I fully agree
Today I believe this absolutely
Today I am living this

whats made the difference?

having a desire stop drinking
Admitting and accepting I am an alcoholic
Admitting and Accepting without reservation I will never be able to drink safely
Accepting I suffer from a mental illness
Accepting I need spiritual help
Accepting I need to change
Stopping thinking and just doing it anyway
Being willing to do WHATEVER IT TAKES
DOING the 12 steps of Alcoholics Anonymous
being willing to face, let go
and keep letting go of ALL my flawsp64
Trusting God absolutely
Good Sponsorship
Willingness to be of service
in and out of AA
Practicing Honesty
In all my affairs

Tuesday, said goodbye to my home group
Let go with love, I have a lecture tuesdays

Today finally Mums Will was distributed
Money on its way across the world

Tomorrow, in search of a plumbers merchant
I have blocked pipes!!

yeh its amazing how much IS possible
these days

All this in one week
done more, but i need a bath...

And unlike Ms Gadget-Irish Friend
I haven't spree'd out on the latest Apple stuff!!
YET :)

Both you and the new man must walk day by day in the path of spiritual progress. If you persist, remarkable things will happen. When we look back, we realize that the things which came to us when we put ourselves in God’s hands were better than anything we could have planned. Follow the dictates of a Higher Power and you will presently live in a new and wonderful world, no matter what your present circumstances! p100

Today I have starry eyes
Filled with Love and Gratitude
Thank you


Rhonda said...

Very exciting stuff!
And lots to be grateful for.

Christine said...

I just read joy, pure simple joy in your post. Remarkable things can and do happen when we are open and you appear to be.

oh how I love to learn, miss the libraries and campus way of learning. Oh enjoy!

Syd said...

Johno, you sound so happy. I'm very glad for you!

Determined1 said...

I am excited for you!! It's so brilliant to start something completely new. I hope it goes well. Shame about your Tuesday meeting, I am sure you will be missed.

I like your moto: strive for pefection settle for excellence...I think I have become a bit of a loafer...hey ho there is always room for improvement for mre..

Good luck with it!!