Saturday, August 09, 2008

Change & no coincidences

I am changing
and I dont know what into
I giess myself
I am angry at the moment
I cant stop moaning
about my perfect life!
well others see it as perfect
and I just want shut up
and talk all at the same time!
sometimes I think PMT is a liability
and sometimes its an asset
as how I really feel about people places and things
comes out and I cant hide!
and I have the change to
take stock and change

Something weird's going on
surreal night at home group
for 3 or 4 reasons
today was unreal too
dont know whats going on
everythings changing
and staying the same at the same time

is it a full moon or something?
I dont like it when I predict something
and it happens
even if its a good thing
its like being plugged in to this God stuff
and so is a few other people
yeh we are all one
some are more in tune than others

Hand in Hand with the spirit of the universe

God you are
we is
all are and is
at the same time
And Acceptance is the answer...


molly said...

ask and ye shall receive right? here is the current moon status (75% full):

cool huh.

i like the "God is." one

i feel sorta "changy" lately too. like something is up.. and i feel the need for some sort of ACTION. but not sure what that is yet.

you take care. glad to see u doing so nicely :)

molly said...

this is a cool moon calendar:


An Irish Friend of Bill said...

weird sh*t huh?

Syd said...

I think at times some of us are more in tune with our intuition. I seem to be in tune with that being an INTJ. The moon definitely has an affect--think about effects on the tide, so likely that is some physiological effect on us.