Tuesday, August 12, 2008

More 4th Dimension stuff...

Its really bizarre
we have a printer
and we have been getting emails
randomly from someones hotmail
someone on our floor
no idea what they look like
no work emails
only a random private email from hotmail

This happens about once a month
and only one comes
and obviously
its cause for chat and debate
again who it is and whether
they have sorted out their stuff
then we forget about it and her
for another month or so
chuck it in confidential waste etc
its not that important really
to any of us

yesterday we get a lead for some business
from someone from the newer part of the floor
its a one off and leads off the floor
dont come our way often
yeh,,, its her...
the unknown hotmail printerer
what the frick is going on!

why on our printer out of about 15?
and why do we get the lead
when there are about 20 others
who do the same thing
who it could have got given too?

spookey! in the 4th Dimension


Princess Powerless said...

I don't know if I fully understood your post, but you sound frustrated.

And when another Sober blogger is pissed, I am pissed.

Darn her straight to heck and back!

Syd said...

Hmmm--I don't know but it sounds like an office spammer.

johno said...

no... she exists, its just their hotmail emails accidently print on our printer and we have been to lazy to tell her..