Monday, August 18, 2008

money prestige and property - Tradition 6 reminds me - beware

The house I want
I have made an offer on
and its been rejected
the one I am selling
I am at accepting price
its all rather stress full
yee haaa
I now have to come up with
another offer
and see what happens

theres a combination of Tradition 6
happening ... which warns me to be ware
the stuff that not good for the fellowship
may also be harmful to me

Money - buying and selling price
attachment to what money I have
what I think my flat is worth
what they think their house is worth
what my buyer wants to pay and what
I want to pay
or more realistically
what I dont want to pay
what I dont want to part with!

Prestige - Ego
is rather stretched and shrunked
pounded a great deal today
getting knocked back

Property - or is it peace of mind
what exactly am I buying and selling?
security - peace of mind
mine and someone elses

Frikkin bizarre
I tell you I am grateful
for the fellowship
I have been to
5 meetings in the last 4 days
not through desperation
through doing the right thing
a chair and homegroup
2 in the new town I am glad for
to meet new people and to
get grounded in between viewings
and in some spare time
it grounds me
I have to listen to someone else
the truths... basic truths
and this morning
I leaned on the fellowship
to help me to get to work on time
and it worked
I will post about it tomorrow
i am off to bed!
see ya
I am knackered
back to my old home group tomorrow night
plan a meeting in the morning aswell
see what happens!

its weird I dont feel like
i need all these meetings
yet its happening that way
so I will run with it
perhaps if I wasnt doing them
I really would be ? nuts!
sometimes its ok to take
unconditional love
is about giving and being
able to receive aswell
I think!

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