Sunday, August 03, 2008

More fun... and sun - thank you God...

Was joking friday evening that
I had asked for sun
2.30 on saturday
as thats when I planned to meet up
with friends in the park
inspite of the wet forecast
I said yeh I had had a word
and it would be sunny
over St James Park
even if it wasnt everywhere else...
went home and asked for forgiveness
self righteousness is not cool!

anyway it rained most of saturday morning
and stopped around lunch
at exactly 2.30 the sun came out at home
I was running late...
I had no faith that it would be sunny in the park
it looked very dark over that way
but whatever ? contingency plans had been made

It rained on the way while I was on the train
it had stopped by the time I got off
and by the time I got to park
the sun was out
and drying up the rain
the band were playing in the park
people were out
and it just got warner and warmer...

was lovely seeing friends
and as usuall not enough time
went to cinema
and then pizza after
really fun time

Today I am really tired
and couldnt drag myself out to the gym
more jokes about my age and emails etc

Life good dudes
its rained all day here
lokks like I got my birthday present from God
yesterday, he gave me sunshine in the park
its the free stuff that I love
in the place I love

I am having far too much fun
I am grateful
pass me the stick!

Today I lerned to play this

Robbie Williams - Come undone Chords


Mama Dukes said...

I want to hear more Robbie Williams now!

Syd said...

Glad that you got your wish. Sun in the park sounds nice. And you are talented with the guitar.