Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Moving - its for real!!

I accepted an offer on my flat today
and got offer accepted on house
which ny heart moved to yesterday evening!

Its funny (well not really!)
yesterday I did very little praying through the day
and ran along on experience & knowledge
and got pretty anxious at times

spoke to my brother
and he told me straight
and put this in perspective
we only have one life
as a human anyway
who knows what I might come back as
aswell as a few other more practical things...
like if its what you want and you can afford it
then just do it!

I called up a mate who
I know used to be an estate agent
and blahed at her...
she empathised and said
yep play the game
you have to play the bidding game
and then just hand it over...
she had just been to a step 3 meeting
frik! it never entered my head step 3
I prayed but not on this
not before every phone call
before everything
like I seem to so often these days
its like in hurry and indecision
i forgot! hit a blank spot
self will run riot
I love my fellowship friends, sponsors whatever
seem to know when to chuck things in
i like that
in fact I love it!
sometimes I just need telling
yes you are a tw*t, now step 3 anyway!

Today I prayed before EVERY phone call
every thing I did
and its all been agreed in one day
a miracle or what!?

So I am moving to the coast
house with 2 gardens
bedroom windows that I can leave open at night
doors that lead into garden
fields nearby
swans and ducks on the lakes close by
oh yeh
and the sea with sandy/pebble beach just a short walk

finalise my moving over my mortgage tomorrow
so not out of the water yet!
although nearly there...

Went to next physio apt after work
arm and shoulder movement improving
the excersizes she gave me are working
and following her suggestions
regarding what not to do!

and went and did chair at home group
I dunno
and this morning got to work on time
and there was a newcomer at mtg very 1st one!

and I got home and a cheque on mat
could life really get better?

The only things I havent got
are marriage and kids!
well at my age its possible
God I will try and leave this one
entirely in your hands!
if you want to give me that aswell
well whatever

If I die in the night
make sure they know
I am VERY happy

I am 4 years 364days sober
and very grateful
good night


Princess Powerless said...

Hiya John:

Wonderful news on your apartment, your house, and your happiness! Your reaction to the step 3 reminder cracked me up. Early in the summer I realized -- in one of my classes -- that I answer essay questions about counseling very calmly and rationally. My essays always receive high marks because I really think it through... But I don't use that same approach in real life. I react instead of thinking. What a great reminder to take a moment to pray.

Goodnight, John Boy. :-)

Sofia in Sweden said...

Congratulations! :)

indistinct said...

Great reminder of how important it is, for me, to turn everything over to my Higher Power's will.

Thank you.

Syd said...

That sounds great and what luck to move to such an idyllic setting. It sounds peaceful and you sound happy.