Friday, December 14, 2007

How did I used to do it?

I stayed up all Thursday night
to meet an assignment deadline

at 4am I get an email from a fellow
Mature student... "are you still up aswell??"
ha ha, theres like lots of us all over the place
banging away at the keyboard
6am ish IFOBW emails me an 'erbal remedy for studying.. thanks
is everyone up at this time normally?
at 8am I get on the bus
feeling... drunk!?
on the phone to another student
also at yelling point... hysteria
not terrifying hysteria
just hysterical laughing about the insanity
of all this studying all hours!
I forgot what sleep deprivation does :D
am I too old for this ?

Nah man, the joys of being a 1st year student
more interesting doing it age 40 though
all good intentions to get this thing done
by wed/thurs and here we are
up all night and doing it at work
all the next morning...
Handed it all in... thats one gone
way hay!!

I dont want to do this again
but who knows... whats in store :)

Enjoying every minute of it
now am not a victim
justa taking it a day at a time
and packing it all
just got to find a bit more room for


Rhonda said...

up all night for a good reason.
Happy for you.

Hope you find plenty of time to reflect and pray today.

Kathy Lynne said...

I can remember going to a final exam after staying up all night but it wasn't from studying. I'd been drinking all night at a Christmas party. On the way, the Grateful Dead tune..I Need a Miracle Every Day cam on the radio. I ended up passing the final but it wasn't pretty. You're doing it the right way.

Christine said...

never ever too old...

I'll take fellowship however I can get it, yours sounded like giddy fun!

molly said...

Hi girlie! It's been a while and just wanted to drop in and say hi. Looks like everything is going great for you :) Glad to see it. Take care and Merry Christmas!