Tuesday, December 11, 2007

More about study

a couple of revision sessions
and its becoming clear
its clear why they say
keep turning up
to EVERY lecture
if you miss one
it could be the one where
I get the key I'm looking for
We'll see

Someting happened last night
and I got a mark overturned
I wasn't wrong
the marking guide did not fit my answer
or was it my answer did not fit the marking guide
well the question was ambiguous
and my answer was clear
so I got a minimum pass changed to a perfect
frickin'ell see anythings possible
if i'm honest and tell the truth

I haven't slept for nearly 7 weeks
and I am thinking about this
stuff all the time
except when i am thinking about
my current interest
which to be honest is a very
easy distraction
and its not like it used to be
all consuming and leading to unmanageable
or resentment
just seeing it for what it is
which isn't a friendship at the moment
very clear boundaries

One more to go COME ON!
I gave in last night and went to bed
even though I couldnt sleep or read anything
was resting
got up and did an hour before work
and I hate to say it
but I had a clearer mind at 6.30 this morning
than at 10 in the evening
God you telling me something I don't want to hear!

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