Monday, December 03, 2007

Studying again

Well alot over the weekend
the last assignment was
not as simple as it looked
well thats not strictly true

They say there are
poor students
good students
something else students

The poor student does just enough
the good student does more than that
and the other student goes to any lengths
verging on showing off !!

Me am something else!? :D

I am coming up to the end of
lectures this semester
infact there is only one left
and guess what
I now dont want to stop!

why... cos it means
letting go of the lecturers
and styles and sense of humour
and taking up with
some whole new ones!

It also means letting go of
these subjects
and taking on board
some whole new ones

But guess what?
it WILL all be ok
I knoe that and believe that

yeh am crapping it about the exam
when I think am ok
I wonder what the hell am gonna write?
how am I gonna remember?
I have no idea even what date the exam is!?
I havent looked that far ahead
too busy living in the day and the week
assignment by assignment
keep reading
learn the process of critical analysis.. 'uck
and eat lots of carrots
and become an elephant

one more to do
a reflective statement!?
what it was like when I started
what were my expectations
what happend?
what its like now?
how I would like it to be in the future?
what wiull I do different?
what will I do to do that?
hows it going?
yeh everyone does it
I like it
but, but but but but
public honesty... 'uck me
with a deadline date
God help me.. your words not mine... have all of me
willingness, remove my fear... so victory over
of thy Power, thanks God

You would think this would come easily to me
but as usual forced self analysis
is not easy
I will do it when I want
but not for you (well ok sometimes)
people pleasing!
self will run riot, I run the show
here with my opening up
just for once, I have to
do this and hand it in
for me, for an area of my life

Ok back to the ironing
while I THINK some more

ps forget the carrots, they are for night sight arent they not memory!

1 comment:

Christine said...

change is good, I hate change

I'm certain you will write something spectacular!